Great Vines

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It was off to  The Vines tonight with Jo and Janet. The normal Friday night fixed menu of ‘Fizz and Chips’ had been suspended and replaced by their Christmas Menu.

Suited me!

Plan A was to walk there, as it’s only 10 minutes away, but the contra-forecasted shower of rain combined with our chosen umbrella collapsing (literally) as we opened it meant we headed straight for J and J’s – and the convenience of their car!

The car-park was packed and therefore so was our destination – especially the restaurant – so I was super-smug that we’d booked.

The service was pretty quick and we were soon looking at the festive options.

Christmas Menu

Apart from Jo, who opted for the Beef, we all went for the traditional Turkey option. It was all yummy, although the Chef’s take on ‘cooked sausages’ looked a little premature – pale on the outside and pink in the middle. The girls left theirs, but me, being a part-time gannet, scoffed them down without even noticing – and I’m pleased to say, there were no ‘after-effects’.

And of course, we needed a suitable wine, so we grabbed a bottle of their Malbec and I washed that down with a ‘half’ of Guinness (that mysteriously grew to a pint on delivery).

A Large Guinness

For dessert, I attacked the ‘Bakewell Tart with Cherry Ice-Cream’ and that went down pretty well too!

Bakewell Tart

All-in-all we really enjoyed our first Christmas Meal of 2016!

Tom and Julie’s tomorrow night for the first big Neighbours’ get-together – where more delicious food awaits us!

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