Derby Day

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Derby Cathedral

Nicki joined Lee, Ann and I today and we took the 10.30 train to Derby. Weather started off pretty bad – rain, rain and more rain – but then cleared-up to leave a bright sunny day.

We arrived into Derby station (after a quick change at Leicester) around an hour later. The shopping area was very busy and especially the newish Westgate Centre. That’s where we spent most of our time doing all the big stores to death.

We weren’t sure what to do for lunch, but fortunately, the Centre has a communal trough (sorry ‘central eating area’) on the next floor. Fish and chips, Indian, Chinese, Subway, Burger King were all represented and doing good business. We opted for one of the least harmful – fish and chips – and settled down amongst the trillions of others there.

After lunch, we ventured outside the Centre, but we were all feeling quite knackered by now. So it was a quick wander round and then we grabbed a taxi back to the Station. We didn’t have to wait long for our timed-train (that was creaking at the seams with passengers!) and we were back in Kettering by 5pm. As soon as were back, we  fixed ourselves up with a cuppa and a slice of cake and then showed-off the wedding photos to Nicki.

A  good day’s shopping, but we were all surprised how tired we all were! Only one thing left – feet-up with the papers and the TV for the rest of the evening! Nicki left around 7pm, hoping to listen to the tennis featuring everyone’s fave Scot at the moment – Andy (c’mon give us a smile) Murray.

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