That’s a Nice Pear!

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Stop tittering at the back!

We normally don’t do spontaneous –  unless it’s in the diary – but we decided to drop into The Exotic Dining Indian Restaurant in town as part of our cunning plan to make maximum use of the  ‘2-for-1’ vouchers that we purchased a while back. 

We were early, even by our standards, and sat down around 6.45. At that time, the place was almost deserted, but it meant we got even better service than we do normally. The 2-for-1 offer is a complex affair, and in order to make best use of it, it was a good idea to read the small print, as we recall, it doesn’t cover everything. However, whatever you choose is going to be a delight for the taste-buds, and tonight was no exception. The photo above is their slightly suggestive ‘Pear of Potato Pear’ fashioned to look like a err, pear, but containing lightly spiced mashed potato – delicious!

Ann chose the samosas and we followed with a couple of the traditional curries, some plain rice and a cheese naan. I like my naan bread, and the cheese variety is now added to my fave-list.

A great experience all round!

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