John Lewis – Birmingham

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Having retail in our DNA meant that a visit to the new John Lewis in Birmingham was too hard to resist. It took us a while to get round to it, but todayo was the day!

A short drive to Rugby Station and then onwards to Birmingham New Street courtesy of Virgin Trains – and we were there! The added convenience of falling out of the station and going up just a floor made it one of the easiest shopping expeditions ever!

…and there it was! Spread over four floors and apparently housing over Β£12m of stock, this place was worth an even closer look! An hour later we’d helped reduced their stock levels significantly, having found some suitable towels for our refreshed bathroom and a few other items.

We then met Ann’s work chum, Trudi for lunch. Boy, it was busy round the vast array of eateries – more like a weekend – and after a quick circuit of the nearest options, we settled for Tapas Revolution. It was also busy, but the service was quick and the food turned out to be delicious.

After saying goodbye to Trudi,Β  we had a final look round the shops before grabbing the next train back to Rugby.

By now the weather had deteriorated and it was chucking it down. We’d spotted a newish retail park on our journey in, so we stopped off to see what they had to offer. it looked as if the rest of the UK was there too, and it took a while to get a parking space. TK Maxx and M and S got our attention and we helped their takings a little before heading home.

All-in-all then, a very enjoyable β€˜retail’ day. I have a feeling we’ll be re-visiting Grand Central again before too long!

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