Family Bond!

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Having left Christmas behind at ours on the 27th (after a great day with Nicki), we headed off in the XKR, to spend a couple of very nice days with Roger, Jane and Oliver.

We arrived just after 4.30 and spent the rest of the evening chilling-out – the big day was tomorrow, the 28th, when, as part our their Christmas gift to us, we were being treated to a show at The Barbican Theatre in London. I don’t think Ann and I have been there for 25+ years!

After a lazy breakfast on the Monday, we jumped in the car and headed for Broxbourne Station

…and after a short journey, we were at Liverpool Street Station, taking the short walk to The Barbican.

It hadn’t changed a bit – and looked good in a retro kind of way!

There was plenty of time for a slow lunch and we were treated at ‘Bonfire’ one of the in-house eateries. We’d not eaten there before (or even heard of the name), but it was well worth it.

We all settled for Burgers in one form or another – and it was delicious (probably one of the best burgers we’ve tasted). I managed to squeeze in a cookies ‘n’ cream milkshake that was a meal in iteself!!!

..and then there was cherry pie too!

The it was into the Theatre itself – and the Show. It was a James Bond themed event where the orchestrra played all the Bond tuness in chronological order – and if that wasn’t exciting enough, they managed to squeeze in a medley of Brit TV Cop Show Themes and later, another piece covering American Cops Shows. It was great fun trying to guess all the titles!

It was very entertaining. The London Concert Orchestra worked their socks oiff, so did the two guest singers Louise Dearman and Ricardo Afonso – the former had such a powerful voice, I think she could have felled an elephant at 1000 yards. Great stuff! and good to see that the orchestra seemed to be enjoying itself too, under the professional hand of conductor (and pianist) Clive Dunstall. The only slightly disappointing part was the ‘MC’: ex-Bond girl Fiona Fullerton, who managed ot fluff her lines on numerous occasions intoducing the themes.
Sad smile
I think we hummed the tunes all the way back!

Arriving back at theirs, it was a quick nibble and a night-cap whilst we watched the final part of ‘Then There Were None’, on BBC1 before calling it a night!

It was late breakfast on Tuesday, and after saying our goodbyes, we headed back to ours, after dropping in on Lee and getitng the XKR washed and polished. It’s been good to get away and be waited-on – Roger and Jane do it so well!

Now all that’s left to do is the washing and ironing!
Thinking smile

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