Doctor Who Christmas Special 2015 – The Husbands of River Song

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Doctor Who Christmas Special 2015 - The Husbands of River Song


The Who Christmas Specials, are by design, a different beast from their episodic counterparts. They have to be; The audience is probably family, rather than dedicated fans; and the storyline needs to be easily understandable to the majority, who are probably nursing a full stomach and packet of aspirin!

I still recorded it and watched it on my own though!

Well, this one did the trick, taking it very easy with my brain. It  was a welcome change to have a storyline (from showrunner Steven Moffat) that didn’t require hours and hours of analysis afterwards to actually work out what was going on!

Generally I don’t like Who stories where it’s light comedy, but this one worked for me, with the two leads clearly having a lot of fun delivering their lines. In stark contrast to the comedic-theme, towards the end there was an interesting bitter-sweet scene (I won’t reveal the details here) that will delight all Whovians – and possibly suggests the end to a long-running unresolved story-arc (top marks to SM for stitching that together nicely!).

Fans are split about the loss of the character of Clara in recent episodes, but dare I say it – I don’t think she was missed at all!

No excerpts from the next series (it hasn’t started filming yet), so no clues as to anything about what’s in store for us in 2016.

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