Christmas 2015

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Christmas Eve
Pretty much a lazy day here. Lee was with us and we spent time catching up with missed TV programmes and looking out for bargains on the ‘net.
Ann cooked a rather delicious Chicken and Chestnut pie yesterday and we made light work of it for lunch together with almost a whole bottle of a German White called Kabinett.
We also popped down to Jo and Janet’s to exchange Christmas pressies around 4pm, and after a thorough sozzle we headed back t our to try out the new M and S Mulled Cider.

…and then once home we settled down to watch Paddington on Amazon Prime. I’d forgotten how enjoyable (and clever) this film was! Fun for all the family, and a very relaxing way to end the day.
Christmas Day
I didn’t get up until 8.30 – I think that’s a new personal record!
After a lazy breakfast of melon, we began the preparation for Christmas Lunch. It’s just three of this year, and Ann had thoughfully done some preparation before today. All we had to do was prepare the bird and the veg.

With the table now set it left us plenty of time to break open the presents for this year.

Talk about precision timing! We planned for a 1.30 sit down, and that’s exactly what we did. It was a fab feast, and I even broke my oath of not eating brussels! (well, the were sliced up with chestnuts, bacon and a sweet chilli sauce!)

…and by 2.45, it was all over! All that wa sniw needed was a quick tidy-up in the kitchen before settling down for the ritual that is The Queen’s Speech.
After that we had two choices: fall asleep or watch BBC’s ‘big’ movie – Brave. We chose the latter, and I’m glad we did. I don’t where we were when this first came out in 2012, but we really enjoyed it.
Then it was a short break from the TV whilst Ann and I sorted out the kitchen (leaving Lee to snoozzzzze). And then to finish off the night, it was back to TV, Strictly, Call the Midwife, Downton Abbey (I carefully avoided watching Doctor Who, preferring to wait until a quieter moment).
Boxing Day
A relatively early start of 10am, as we headed up to Denis’ for Boxing Day lunch courtesy of the culinary skills of Ann, Bev and Jane. It was primarily a gathering of the Gambles Clan – Denis, Roger, Ann, Bev, Jane and Oliver – with Lee and I making up the numbers!
We opted for for a buffet-style affair as it would have been a bit of a challenge getting everyone round the Denis’ dining-room table! Bev made a Christmas Cake as well as the ‘haggis rolls’ (like the traditional suasage roll, but with an alternative filling!).

Great food and a great get-together! We got home by around 5pm – just in time for a bit of TV and prep for Nicki joining us tomorrow.

Well, that’s it for another year. We’ve got too much food and drink left over, but it’s been great seeing everyone, and as always, we’ve a fine collection of presents – HERE

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