Easter Sunday – Mum’s

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Toby Carvery - Bromley Common

Together with Lee, we drove down to Mum’s to take her out for Lunch. It was a return to the now familiar Toby Carvery at Bromley Common, where we’d taken her a few months back. Being Easter Sunday, and the fact that they don’t take bookings, meant we had to time it just right if were to avoid the mega-rush. We set off from home around 9am and covered the 100 or so miles in good time, arriving just before 11. After a quick chat, it was back in the car for the twenty-minute drive to the Carvery.

Our plan was to get there before noon, and hang around in the Bar until the restaurant could squeeze us in. Actually, when we arrived, they were able to get us in straight away, in spite of the place already having plenty of guests already in the middle of their lunch (what time do they start eating round here???).

We opted for the Carvery – it’s always a good deal, and together with Yorkie Puddings half the size of Bromley itself and every conceivable vegetable, you can’t really go wrong. Fifteen minutes in, and the place was heaving – so our plan had paid off. Thanks to ‘Steph’, our Waitress, service was (again) excellent and that made the experience even more enjoyable. Given the volume of customers and the general pressure of working there, her customer service skills were absolutely spot-on – there are plenty of other restaurants that could learn a thing-or-two from her!!

We were stuffed by 1pm and headed back to Mum’s. We stayed for a while and then headed home. Traffic was OK for Easter (we’ve had it a lot worse in previous years) and the threat of serious jams on the M11 between junctions 27 and 29 being flashed-up on the overhead signs never materialised!

We dropped Lee back at hers, adjusted all her clocks, and stayed for a cuppa.

Phew! Job done, time for feet-up and some CHOCOLATE!!!!

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