Return to ‘The Old Bridge’

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Since I suffered my hand injury on 22nd December, we’re still playing ‘catch-up’ with my social diary! Today was another of those days as we met Steve & Helen at The Old Bridge in Huntingdon!

We were last here as a foursome back in October, 2023 where we were so impressed, a planned return was a ‘no-brainer’! 👍

Given that it was Easter Sunday, unsurprisingly, the whole place was bursting at the seams! So much so, they ushered us off into their (rather posher) oak-panelled room that seated just 30-or-so people. So far, so good! 👍

We were soon seated and looking through their special Easter Menu. three courses for under £50 and with a choice of six for each course certainly got my vote!

The staff were super-friendly and it was good to be in a separate room where it was pleasantly quiet. A shame then, that things overall, were somewhat lack-lustre! ☹️ The service was sluggish; different waiting staff asked us the same questions, and the food was lukewarm. I guess it could all be down to the fact that they were simply rushed off their feet.

Still, it didn’t ruin our get-together. We had plenty of time to catch up with S&H’s news including the fact that they’d found, at last, somewhere to live (rather than continuing to rent).

We chatted for ages and ages! 😀 and we didn’t get home until just before 5… meaning no need for any tea tonight!

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