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It’s been a really long while, since I was last here at The Old Bridge Hotel & Restaurant in Huntingdon. A conservative estimate would suggest that it was the early 90s when I was working with one of my first clients – Nokia.

Thirty-or-so years on, and we were here to catch up with Steve & Helen who, talking of ‘long time passing’, I last saw around 9 years ago in September, 2014 in France, during one of our holidays abroad.

A great menu!

Steve and Helen arrived a moment before us and we were soon seated and looking through the Hotel’s (rather excellent) menu. Even after not getting together like this for quite some time, we were all soon ‘back in the groove’ reflecting on those intervening years!

Happily too, the Restaurant was just how I remember it – at the top its game! Well-trained and attentive staff complemented by the excellent food and drink. It REALLY was a pleasure to go somewhere for a meal and feel like the whole experience was a treat! Those nine years passed in a flash and at just before 3pm, we asked for the bill. On our way out, the whole place was heaving! There wasn’t a spare table to be had, and expectant diners were queuing for the pleasure. OK, there isn’t much competition locally, but whatever the Hotel was doing, they were doing it well! 👍👍

It had been great fun seeing Steve & Helen again, and we agreed to meet up again before too long, probably at The George in Buckden.

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