Bye-bye Marco!

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On March 1st, 2014, not long after retiring, Lee gave me her car – a VW Polo. She had decided that, in spite of her love for cars and motoring in general, the stress of driving on modern roads had become too much. Wow! what a gift! I was wheel-less at the time, and it was a generous and very welcome gift.

Well, time marches on, and today, I said goodbye to ‘Marco’ (geddit?!), as I traded it in as part of ‘the bigger picture’ now that we’ve both retired. Initially, with some 84,370 miles on the clock and body-work that had seen better days, I wasn’t expecting much for it. I wasn’t totally surprised therefore when the Dealer offered me just £800!!! A bit of negotiating later though, and we’d eeked it up to £1000! – that’ll do nicely!!

As I parked ‘Marco’ in the car-park, it was a bit of a bitter-sweet moment – I’ve never owned a car before where, during ownership, I’d ignored it so much! It never went in the garage to protect it from the elements, I never polished it – and I drove it like a lunatic. And, in spite of all this abuse, it (mostly) behaved perfectly!

As they say, all good things come to an end – and today was no exception.
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