My 60th: Final Supper

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It was round to Denise’s tonight for my final (honest!) Birthday celebration meal.

We arrived just before 7pm where Denise had pulled out all the stops all by herself (Denise’s Steve didn’t quite make it, as he was still on his way home after a mega-sailing expedition!)

We began with nibbles round a real fire before tucking into homemade Fish Pie! Yummy!!!

I’ve got to say that after nibbles plus a second generous portion of Denise’s excellent Pie, I was pretty well stuffed, but Dessert followed in the guise of Jelly, Fresh Fruit, Cream Cakes and Ice-cream – all perfect birthday ingredients in my book!!
After all that, I was truly stuffed and so we chilled out back in front of the fire. Denise handed me my pressies and after a quick cuppa, we said our goodbyes just before 9.30.

As things turned out, as early as it was, it was a good job we left when we did. Looking outside, we saw that whilst we were noshing, a thick fog had come down. As a result, we had a torturous journey home with visibility down to about a metre at various points along the route home. We took it in turn to drive, but it was all pretty stressful –especially when you’re the ‘lead car’ with no-one to follow!

We eventually got home around just before 11pm! An hour-and-a-half for a journey that normally takes no longer than 40 minutes!
Sad smile
Still, it’s been a great ‘last supper’ – and once again, I’ve been spoilt rotten!
Cheers Denise! Thanks for such an enjoyable evening!!
Party smile

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