Doctor Who – Series 10, Episode 3: ‘Thin Ice’

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Well, that makes a change, I actually watched it live tonight! I do tend to prefer stories set in the past rather than the future, so I was really looking forward to this one – but, disappointingly, it most definitely DIDN’T do it for me!

I’m not sure why. The acting was fine, the storyline, OK, the costumes pretty faithful to the period – and it even had an ‘ooo-err’ moment right at the end. So, what made it such a disappointment? Well, I thought the special effects were very below-par and overall, there just weren’t any stand-out moments – it was just another story where it could have been anyone in the two lead roles.

I guess there just wasn’t enough ‘Who-ness’ about it for me. Gosh, I hope things buck-up shortly!!

Edit @ 4pm. After reading various comments online, I obviously watched a different episode! – most other reviewers seemed to think it was a really good one! You can tell, at my age, I’m not the target audience any more!

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