Foody Friday

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To say that a lot of my life revolves around friends and food (sometimes both at the same time!) wouldn’t be far from the truth – and today was no exception!

A cheeky ‘Chocolate Brownie’ Milkshake

First, it was over to Peterborough to meet Alison W (from my days with Nokia). We visited Bill’s – a smallish affair near Cathedral Square. The last time I was here it was a Lakeland! (around two-and-a-bit years ago), but they’d now moved into the Queensgate for more room. The menu was pretty extensive covering everything from the traditional English breakfast through to piles of pancakes (and I do mean ‘piles’). The service was polite and prompt and that gave Alison and I plenty of time to catch-up. Yummy! – and that milkshake was pretty special!!!

I was home by 1.30 just in time to hand over the car to Ann who was off to pick up Lee for a joint shopping expedition.

Then, in the evening, it was off to The Olde Victoria (our fave local) with Jo, Janet, Nicki for the Pub’s themed Bistro Night. 

The Olde Victoria

As with our previous two visits, the place didn’t disappoint. It was already very busy when we got there, but the service was very efficient – and the food was delicious!

Bistro Night!

I think I’ve put on half-a-stone today!!

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