Birthday Girl

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It’s Ann’s birthday today and together with Lee, we’re off to the Fortescue Arms in Billingborough to meet up with Denis, Bev and her bf, Liam for a celebratory lunch. It’s certainly doesn’t seem like a year ago that we were all at Club Diana in Wellingborough celebrating Ann’s ‘significant one’!!! Where has the past 12 months gone??

When we arrived, Denis, Bev and Liam were already there, as we’d taken the slightly longer route via Bourne to get there. We settled down with a drink and the menus and caught-up with everyones’ news.

When the food arrived, we were suddenly reminded how large the portions were …and how hot the food was – ‘giant’ and ‘scorching’ in that order!!

Ann and I couldn’t recall the last time we’d been here, but looking back through my blogs it must have been prior to 2004 as there were no blog entries at all for this place.

We had a good chat and two hours later, suitable stuffed, we said our goodbyes and headed home – this time via the shorter route through Stamford.

We had a good journey back – 15 minutes quicker and covered it in just over an hour. Time for a chill-out and an early night in preparation for my taxi at 3.15am tomorrow morning.

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