Easter with Karen and Ralph – Sunday

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I didn’t sleep too well – I think it’s called a ‘hang-over’! In turn that meant Ann didn’t either, so I expect a slightly less-than-cheery Ann this morning when she gets up! 🙂 Good news! Ann was fine.

We exchanged Easter presents – I bought Ann a chrome case for her personal business cards and I received some ‘bunny’ themed chocolate sweets.

We had a light breakfast of croissants and then jumped in the car heading for Chatsworth. We expected it to be busy, and it was, even though it wasn’t a particularly warm day, it was dry!

Within half-an-hour, cars were arriving in their scores, so we were wise to get there earlier than the 11am opening time.

cav_int001 cav_int002 cav_int003

It was well worth the visit (we hadn’t been there for around 6-7 years). The interior was as gob-smacking as ever and their ‘Masterplan’ in 2010 is to open up parts of the interior that have never been seen before by the public – worth coming back for!!!


The exteriors were just as beautiful too!

jazz They even had a live jazz-band trio in the grounds too – great fun!

We ate a late lunch (Ann – Chicken Hotpot; Karen, Ralph and me – Fish Pie followed by chocolate brownies with vanilla ice-cream and chocolate sauce for Karen and me, whilst Ralph and Ann had home-made bakewell tart with vanilla ice-cream and raspberry coulie).

After a final look round the shops, we headed back to the car. People were still arriving – we reckon 2000+ cars were already parked there when we left.

What should have been a twenty-minute journey back turned into more like 45 minutes due to a very narrow road en-route only allowing a single line of traffic through. 

image After arriving home around 4.30, it was feet-up for the rest of the afternoon and evening watching DVDs (What Women Want) and TV (Lewis)

Ralph cooked up cheese and tomato crumpets for tea!

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