Easter with Ralph and Karen – Saturday

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We slept well and woke up about 6. A little later Karen brought us both a very welcome cup of tea each! The weather outside looks a bit grey and unsettled – but maybe it’ll brighten up later.

We had a a light breakfast of cereal, yoghurt and fruit and then, just after 10 we took a short walk to the village of Lumsdale. There was a major photo opportunity here -The Arkwright Society Lumsdale Project.

proj2 proj1 proj3

We will then drive to Riber Hall Hotel for a snack lunch of sandwiches, coffee and soup. The weather was deteriorating and by the time we’d finished lunch it was raining so fast we headed back to the apartment rather than take a walk to the ruins of Riber Castle.

riber0004 When we got back Ralph helped me sort out the cheapo PVR I’d bought from Maplins. After some initial problems tuning into Freeview, Ralph cracked it and the test recordings to mpg format were very good indeed.

We spent the rest of the afternoon reading and watching TV – and I fell asleep!

Dinner was booked at Rowley’s Restaurant in Baslow, (20 minutes away by car). Lent officially ends for me today, so I plan to indulge in the three Cs I’d given up for previous 40 + days: Chocolate, Chips and Ice-cream!

We arrived at just before 7.30 and because the Bar area was already busy, we were ushered to our table. We all decided to skip the starters – not because we didn’t fancy them, but because we knew we would never make it to the desserts if we did.

Karen and I had steaks (plus a bucket of chips for me!), whilst Ralph had the pork and Ann had the lamb. Ann and Karen had a cheese board between them for dessert whilst Ralph and I had desserts full of chocolate. We all enjoyed it very much – the food was excellent and so was the service.

rowleys1  rowleys3 rowleys2

We were stuffed by 9.30 – I’d had my chips and chocolate but failed to find any ice-cream – we paid the bill and headed back to apartment – just in time to watch the Doctor Who Easter Special that Ralph had recorded earlier.

We finished the evening with Ralph’s excellent hot chocolate plus an attempt to consume a large box of Thornton’s chocolates!

What a perfect day!

Chatsworth tomorrow…

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