Easter with Karen and Ralph – Monday

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I got up around 7ish after Karen delivered us a cup of tea – I’ll miss that when I get home! 🙂

Ralph was already up preparing a breakfast of their bacon and our homemade loaf – a perfect combination! The sandwiches were superb!!

After a couple of cuppas, we got packed and said our goodbyes. It’s been a great weekend; we’ve seen a lot and done a lot; and of course it’s been good to catch-up with Karen and Ralph.

Our turn to return the hospitality next time – June in fact.

We popped into the new Sainsbury’s for some bits-and-pieces of shopping on the way out. We were back on the road just before 11am and had a really smooooooooth journey back – certainly better than going up – and we were indoors just before 12.40.

We quickly unpacked the shopping, read the papers and started to catch up with some of the recordings we’d made over the Easter break.

…back to reality tomorrow!

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