A Birthday Surprise for Trish

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What a nice thought! Rosi arranged a surprise afternoon get-together for Trish who recently celebrated a ‘significant’ birthday.

A cunning plan was hatched! We were all to arrive around 3pm, with Trish and John arriving at 3.30, thinking they were just popping-in for a post-birthday cuppa and a nibble!

It all went perfectly to plan and the look on Trish’s face when we all appeared was priceless! Plenty of good food, drink and conversation followed, courtesy of Chef Rosi…

Rosi even managed to FaceTime Trish’s ‘besties’ Tom and Julie in Tenerife…

..and to complete the surprise, Rosi even made Trish a birthday cake!

It was another great evening with the neighbours. Even though we don’t need a reason to get together, another of Trish’s birthday celebrations gave us the perfect excuse to do so! And to prove it, we’re all getting together again on the 20th! Happy days! (again!)

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