Official: Christmas has begun!

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We missed it last year due to being on our honeymoon, so this year, it felt especially good to take the short drive into town – to the Kettering Salvation Army Citadel – to be part of their annual Carol Concert. We always feel that this event gets us all in the chrismassy mood! (although we weren’t sure whether we’d survive the whole evening because of our holiday jet-lag).

We picked up Lee and parked in Sainsbury’s car-park. Coincidentally, we spotted Jo, Janet and Helen heading in the same direction. Once inside, we settled into our seats and waited for the celebrations to begin. We noticed that it wasn’t quite as full as in previous years, but there had already been two previous performances earlier in the day.
It was great to sing along, and they’d helpfully only chosen Carols that everyone knew! There’s always a slightly different format each year, and 2012 was no exception – although they had retained the short Nativity play (complete with sprogs going off-script!) and there was just the right balance of ‘the Christmas message’ combined with plenty of really good brass-band music (The SA does it SO well!). Uniquely, this year, one of the Band demonstrated his juggling skills!

An hour later, it was all over for another year, and everyone filed out into the cold Kettering air. Jo and Janet popped back to ours where we tucked into some rather tasty M&S festive nibbles, and we lasted until around 10pm before jet-lag got the better of us!

It’s official, Christmas (for us, at least) had begun!

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