Christmas Day 2012

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We were at home this year for Christmas. The weather is atrocious around the UK (although dry here) – rain, rain and more rain – and some have been flooded-out. Denis and Bev are due down later and Lee is staying with us until after Boxing Day.

Even though we’ve got over our jet-lag, we were both awake early – and up by 6am!

Photos courtesy of Bev
Ann and Lee had prepared most of the veg yesterday, and got the table ready so it was actually quite a relaxed morning. Denis and Bev arrived about 11.15 and we were soon tucking into Bev’s home-made Christmas cake (hic!), quickly followed by the mammoth pressy-unwrapping session.
The main event came 10 minutes ahead of the 1pm scheduled appearance. Every conceivable veg was on offer complemented by the very juicy turkey joint – the cats even got a taste of that!!! Bev had supplied the M & S crackers and we were impressed with the quality of the gifts inside. Unfortunately, the jokes were as bad as ever – ‘Why don’t sharks eat clowns?’ – ‘because they taste funny’ (groan!!!!)
Dessert consisted of mince pies and/or profiteroles and Christmas Pudding – I opted for ‘and’! – Lee even managed double-portions!
We finished scoffing around 2.15, just time to start the great clear-up before we sat down and watched the Queen’s Christmas address .
Denis and Bev left just before 4, and by 4.30, the kitchen was completely clear of Xmas-lunch debris (a record I think, for us!)

That left us the rest of the evening to put our feet-up and get ready for the evening’s TV. Looks like it’ll be Doctor Who, Strictly, Call the Midwife, EastEnders and Downton Abbey.

Presents List

Mum – Cheque
Denis – Book: ‘Shut it’ (about ITV’s Sweeney series), DVD: The Saint (all the monochrome episodes)
Bev & Ady – Super strength cider, set of spicy sauces
Roger, Jane and Oliver Excursion to Hong Kong on our recent Cruise
Neil & Debbie – Shortbread and Speciality Teas
Jo and Janet – Bottle of Tia Maria
Carol – Room diffuser (Jasmine)
Lee – Kindle cover, DVD: Jason King
Ann to me – Kindle ‘Paperwhite’, bright socks, Gillette Pro-Guide styler, Book: London under, Book: The Ford Cortina, Silk Tie
Ann pressies from me – Matt Calendar, Ring tree (in the shape of a cat), Foot Scrubber, shopping bag

As always, it was a great Christmas and we’re all a few pounds heavier as a result!

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