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Paul and Karen invited us round for one of their legendary feasts, so as soon as we got back from the film, we headed straight there. We’d estimated we wouldn’t be there until 9, but the film finished earlier than we thought and we were soon chatting and drinking with Paul, Karen, Tom and Julie.

You can’t beat lamb cooked by Karen and tonight was no exception! Absolutely ‘melt-in-the-mouth’ meat!!! Super scrummy. Add to that, plenty of vegetables; a bottle (or three) of wine; two puddings made by Ann (Black cherry trifle soaked in kirsch and a kind of bread-and-butter-pudding-but-made-with-croissants instead and soaked in whisky) and then a cheese-board, and we all felt we’d eaten well. Boy, were we stuffed!!!

None of us really noticed the time – and when we did it was getting on for 1am. Time for bed then! Ann is out sharpish tomorrow and I have a few bits and pieces to sort out before I travel to Germany on business next week.

Thanks, Karen and Paul – we had a great time – and food was blooming marvellous!!

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