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OK, here, as promised, are the first shots of my new toy – the rather splendid Jaguar XKR. It took my brother and I quite a while to find the right model – there are plenty of grey ones (boring!!) or black ones (slightly less boring) out there – and we both felt that blue, specifically Jaguar’s very rare Spectrum Blue, was the one!

Well done to Alex B, Kevin P and Carl G for correctly identifying the car, (and Jo for almost getting it right – my budget wouldn’t stretch to an XKR-S!) from the 10 clues on Facebook.
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But shame on you Ian M for suggesting it was actually a canoe, after seeing the Facebook post mentioning it having ‘paddles’ – Doh!!!!

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I picked it up today and had an opportunity to experience all sorts of roads on the 100-or-so mile journey home from the Dealer. Surprisingly, it averaged between 27 and 32 mpg  (higher than I expected) at an average speed of 62mph.

My thanks to the very helpful team at Top Cars of Sheffield – Tony, Mark and Ollie, for their superb customer service and hospitality during my journey ‘up north’.

About 112 miles of A roads, Contraflows, Enforced 50mph roads, Dual Carriageway and Motorway (M1)
The Journey Home

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The full advert is HERE

More photos

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