Normal Blogging Service Resumed?

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Phew! After another very techy week problem-solving, I think things are now back to some state of normality with my Blog posts.

It’s taken far too many hours days weeks getting it all working again – and I hope I never have go through all this again! 😡

The Short Version

It’s now working! If you read my blogs-posts on the big social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Tumblr etc, etc), then it’s no change for you – you’ll see my posts there as normal.

However, I know a few of you access my Blogs directly at, and there’s now a slightly different web-address: Click HERE to see them.

The Long Version

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Service resumed?

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If you’re seeing this, it looks like Mr Google has sorted out the issue where posting Blogs with photos included weren’t posting. Now they are!

The Blue Mosque, Istanbul
The Blue Mosque, Istanbul