Cuba – Day 4

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After yesterday morning’s scrum in ‘our’ restaurant (masquerading as guests having breakfast) we decided that we’d return to the relative calm of the ‘other’ restaurant by way of the tunnel connecting the two parts of the hotel. Although busy, this turned out to be a smart move, in spite of the slightly chaotic atmosphere.

After brekky, Ralph and I spent some time getting our head why I wasn’t able to get a reliable internet connection whereas Ralph had been able to post to Facebook without any problems. I’m not sure we found out the reason why, but between us, I did manage to get connected in the end – although currently I still can’t upload any blogs (but email and Facebook post OK). Oh well, we’re getting there albeit slowly! UPDATE: It seems that the trick is to post early, whilst their router is working less hard. Hopefully, by the time you read this, the previous three posts will be ‘up there’ at

The day panned out slowly – and that suited us perfectly! We had a very lazy morning by the rooftop-pool, before taking a slow stroll down to Cathedral Square for a look at the err, Cathedral and then grabbed some lunch.

Lunch at ‘El Patio’

Entertainment too, courtesy of ‘Bacanao’ (We even bought their CD)

The Cathedral – outside

The Cathedral – inside

We then took the familiar walk back to the Hotel, but by now, it was getting even hotter and more humid. As a result, I think we must have lost half a stone walking back!

Views on the walk back

We were shattered when we got back! Time for ‘feet-up’ and maybe a snooze before meeting up with R and K for a light meal somewhere in the Hotel tonight.

Phew! I think today was the hottest day since we arrived – it must have been up there in the low/mid 30s – and together with the very high humidity made it very uncomfortable doing anything! We’re glad it was a lazy one! We finished our day back by the rooftop-pool where the Waiter was happy to go ‘off menu’ and conjure us up some light snacks.

It’s a full-on day tomorrow as we have an all-day tour to the west of Cuba – Vinales (where all the tobacco is grown).

Social Media Timeline

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I stumbled across this yesterday – who knew!

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