Ooh, a white ceiling..and a white floor…and a white cardigan!

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paintwizardproToday we decided to give the heavily-hyped ‘Paint Wizard Pro’ a second chance after my disastrous inaugural event, where I painted part of the ceiling and then part the blue carpet in the dining-room after the device ‘fell-apart’. So with all that firmly in our mind, we took extra care this time. We also took the opportunity to thin the emulsion paint to make the application easier. So far, so good.

The good news was that the paint application was definitely easier, but by now, the paint was so thin, it was going to take 20 coats to cover the ceiling – and boy, is it heavy, when full of paint!!! `

The bad news was that just 30 seconds into the job, the end fell off the the roller (just like last time) narrowly missing Ann and depositing half-a-pint of fresh emulsion all over Ann’s cardigan and the kitchen floor. Four tea towels and half a roll of Bounty Plenty later, we had a clean floor, a ruined cardigan and a ceiling that still wasn’t covered!

What a piece of crap!!! We should have read the reviews of Amazon – one star (you can’t award zero stars)!!

OK, time to recognise my limitations and call in the professionals. A quick call to Tom and hopefully we’ll get it sorted for next week.

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