Cruise Day 3 (8th April): Langkawi (Malaysia)

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It’s our last full-day in Malaysia today and we’ve docked around the island of Langkawi (1 of 104 in this archipelago, north-west of Malaysia). We’re currently very close to the Thai border.

We’ve not been to Langkawi before, so we weren’t sure what to expect. Our original cable-car trip (that took in Machincang Mountain and the Rice Garden Museum) was cancelled due to lack of a cable and we hadn’t really looked much beyond that attraction. We know Langkawi’s got a beach, but beaching is not our thing, so we’ll avoid that! But word is, we’re promised a good Shopping Mall to look round.

We took advantage of Cunard laying-on a free shuttle-bus every 15 minutes to the nearest centre of activity – the town of Pantai Cenang.

Looking at the walking-route from the safety of the Bus, it showed that no-one except the very hardy would have chosen to take the walk from where the Ship docked, to the town! A general lack of paths and rough terrain was definitely something best enjoyed from inside Shuttle Bus 7!

Fifteen-minutes later, we arrived in Pentai Cenang, where we were dropped off outside the main shopping area. With the experience of the very excellent Shopping Mall in Kuala Lumpur, we readied ourselves for what Langkawi had to offer, in the shape of this local Shopping Mall.
Thumbs up
Oh dear! what a disappointment! It was heaving and clearly, the attraction, is that everything is duty-free! But there is only so many bottles of drink, cigarettes and stuffed penguins you can squeeze into a suitcase, so we decided instead, to visit the only other place we read about – Underwater World – just down the road. This is apparently amongst the largest Aquariums in Malaysia and boasts in excess of 5000 different species of fish as well as sharks, turtles and stingrays. With admission prices at just 76 Malaysian Dingbats for two of us (about £13), it was an opportunity to good to miss.

This was an impressive plaice place, and we spent just under an hour there. Due to the generally dark environment and the rule about ‘no flash-guns’, photography was limited, but take it from us, it’s a good experience. We finished our visit with a final walk round the shops before heading back to the Shuttle Bus. There is probably much more to see here, but it wasn’t obvious to us and therefore apart from the Aquarium, it all felt a bit underwhelming, and we were glad to be back on the Shuttle Bus
Sad smile
Maybe we should have gone to beach after all??
We were back on the Ship around lunchtime, so we found ourselves a breezy spot, and spent the rest of the afternoon soaking up some rays and reading.

Dinner was as usual in the excellent Britannia Restaurant, and we followed that up with a trip to the Ship’s Cinema to see ‘Jumanji, welcome to the Jungle’.

Clocks go back an hour tonight, so now we’re just SIX hours in front of the UK.

Tomorrow, the Ship sails on to Phuket, Thailand. We’ve got a booked tour that takes in the ‘James Bond Island’ in Man with the Golden Gun.

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