Biscuit and Bon-Bon Blog: 2 weeks on

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Well, 2 weeks after picking up Bon Bon and Biscuit, we’re happy to report that they’re settling into their new home really quickly. They’re already very affectionate and enjoy each others’ company as well as their new owners’!

We’re treated to a regular event at around 9.30 each night of ‘play-fighting’ where throats, legs and tails are primary targets. Theirs, not ours! They seem to take it in turns to initiate the ‘fight’ alternating as to who’s on top.

They’re great with visitors who are clearly as besotted as we are, and are incredibly tolerant of inquisitive humans who want to cuddle and play with them. They’re also the centre of attention from our neighbours’ kids, and we guess we’ll now have to fend off parents who are on the receiving end of their kids who keep asking, “Mum/Dad, can I have one of those…?”

Their energy seems limitless, and we’d quite forgotten how much time kittens (especially), spend chasing each other and leaping up and down on furniture. Their new ‘mega-scratching post’ is great, and they enjoy scaling it and fighting each off for squatting rights. More importantly, they ARE using it as a scratching post, and the three-piece suite is very grateful!!

They’re eating regularly and as you’d expect, are incredibly clean. They can be quite nervous to sudden noises, resulting in scampering to the nearest corner. They’ve both got a fascination for squeezing into tight spaces, and we’ve had to block up the space behind the TV to stop them getting ‘lost’ under the lounge TV unit! A similar challenge exists in the Office, where both have a determination to get behind the PC and in the cavity between the office furniture and the office wall. They find it easy to get IN, and almost impossible to get OUT without human assistance.

They’re relatively quiet, and we’ve noticed that they will visit me in the office upstairs in the afternoons around 2.30ish and miaow at me. A quick cuddle and some treats seems to do the trick – maybe they’re just lonely…?

They haven’t learned to flush the loo yet like the cat in the film ‘Meet the Parents’, but they do respond when they are called by name (well, mostly – you know what cats are like!),

Bon Bon is clearly the more assertive/inquisitive one! She’s been the first to jump on our laps, and the first to investigate new surroundings. She’s always first up the stairs in the morning and has been known to plonk herself at the foot of our bed for the purpose of chewing our toes! She’s getting used the grooming (and so are we!). Bon Bon LOVES the dry cat food in preference to the pouches.

Biscuit tends to be a ‘follower’ and is more of a nervous kitten. She sleeps slightly more than Bon Bon, but is just as playful. She tends to prefer the wet food currently, and will easily get through half a pouch in one go! Rather than heading for a lap, she’s more than happy to sit or lie on the arm of the sofa next to us. Early days yet though!

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