What a Gorgeous Day!

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After a cold start and a frost overnight, today turned into a gorgeous day! Maybe a little cold, but what a beautiful blue sky!

So, after a quick visit to Asda with Lee for a top-up shop, by way of Central Garage (to get Ann’s alloy replaced), we hit the garden for a massive tidy-up. First to go was the last remaining chiminea. Its twin sister had collapsed last year after we noticed severe cracking all over it (we think due to the severe winter) and it literally feel to pieces one afternoon, whilst in place. The remaining one was going the same way, full of cracks and very brittle, so we put it out of its misery with a vicious hammer-attack, and then popped it into the dustbin (sorry dustmen!).

Hot Magenta Fiesta 
After lunch, it was prune, prune, prune punctuated with regular breaks for the TV and newspapers.

…and then to finish off the day, I gave Ann’s car a thorough going-over including a deep-clean of the three existing alloys to match the new one.

Shiny motor!!!!

By 5pm, we were shattered, so we chilled-out to one of the DVDs Ann had picked up at Asda (for a fiver!) – Robin Hood starring Russell Crowe. We’d seem it in the cinema last year where I rated 3 stars (out of 5).

Spookily, when the film finished, we noticed that on Sky Movies Premiere, they were showing…. Robin Hood (well, at least ours was the Director’s Cut).

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