New Year’s Eve 2016

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This year, we drove up to Matlock to share New Year’s Eve with Ralph and Karen.

We set off from ours just after 1pm and arrived just before 3 – a straightforward hassle-free journey (and the longest so far in Ann’s new car).

The venue tonight is the Peak Edge Hotel where we’re going to be enjoying a six-course gala dinner.

Note the typo above!

A crap photo, but it’s the content that counts! …and it all looked pretty yummy!

Ralph gave the Tesla a spin and acted as ‘designated driver’ and we arrived just after 7. As a bonus, there was an electrical charging point for the car (albeit a very slow one, but at least it was free!) just near the entrance.

After being given our glass of bubbly, we headed for the Bar, where it was already pretty busy. Whilst waiting patiently for ‘the nod’ to take our seats at our Table, we noticed how seriously everyone had taken the ‘black tie’ dress code – everyone had scrubbed-up pretty well!

On the stroke of 7.30, ‘the nod’ was given and we headed for our Table. We shared it with another group (of six) where we learned they’d been here before a couple of times (and commented that they hadn’t been good experiences!)

Still, the Tables had been laid out with grreat precision, and to us, the first impressions were good ones. If the event was to be judged by the amount of cutlery on show – we were in for a good time!

…and then the banquet began…

Entertainment for the evening was shared between the Hotel’s resident DJ and a local Band. The latter was a three-piece group (Drummer, Bass Guitar and Rhythm Guitar) where all three shared vocals. I think we were so impressed with their versatility that we forgot to note their name!

Well, the food turned out to be pretty good, and by the end of the final course, we were all comfortably stuffed. Not so stuffed that we couldn’t grace the dance-floor – if only for a few toons!

…and then before we knew it, the DJ was counting-down (courtesy of iPlayer Radio) to midnight – and 2017 was here!

After enjoying every permutation of handshakes and kisses from our Table, we had a final drink and then headed for the car before everyone else had the same idea.

It’s been a great event – a lovely group on our table, a great DJ and versatile Band – and of course, excellent food.

Back at Ralph and Karen’s, we caught a bit of Jool’s Holland’s Hootenanny on TV before crashing out.

New Year’s Day

After a lazy lie-in we spent some time in the morning chatting about our forthcoming holiday to Iceland before setting off to The Plough Inn for our new year’s day lunch.

Yummy, what a menu! It wasn’t long before we all declared were were officially ‘stuffed’!

The diet definitely starts tomorrow!

We paid the bill and said our goodbyes. By now the weather had really deteriorated – it was cold AND it raining heavily, and that’s how it continued all the way home! Still, we didn’t hit any bottlenecks and we were indoors by 4.30.

It’s been a great way to see in the new year, but we’ve eaten (and drunk) far too much.

Perfect then!!!!

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