Canada and Alaska – Part 3, Day 1: Was Whistler now Vancouver!

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– check… Passports – check… Mobile phone – check… Laptop – check… Guide Books – check

Driving Licenceerr…

In spite of planning every stage of this holiday to within an inch of its life, we overlooked packing my Driving Licence. So, after landing at Vancouver International Airport with the plan of picking-up our pre-booked hire-car to drive the seventy-or-so miles to Whistler, it wasn’t to be. Apparently, out here, even if you have already pre-booked and supplied all the Driving Licence details in advance, they still need to see the physical version. As a ‘Plan B’, we offered a scanned/emailed version (thanks David), but that wasn’t acceptable either!

Time for some quick thinking, so, we’re slumming it at the rather swanky Fairmont Hotel based right inside the Airport for the rest of the holiday, whilst we look at plans of how we enjoy Vancouver and the surrounding area – second time around!

The View from Room 1335

“Best laid plans…” ehh?!

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