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It was off to Sean’s first thing to continue our pruning marathon. One very full wheely-bin and  a sack-full and we were all done… until the next time!



The next stage was to drop into the local dump (oh, the excitement) and get rid of the extra bag full of foliage – but the queue was horrendous, so we turned around and headed home!

Next stop was to meet up with David and Valerie and head into town and Lee Gardens – the local Chinese that offers a six-day-a-week lunchtime buffet for only £7.50 (Help! I’m sounding like a Pensioner already!) – with a very extensive menu: beef, pork, prawns, noodles… virtually anything and everything! Actually, the food was pretty good… and plenty of it too!

Lee Garden…

After stuffing ourselves silly, we took a very slow walk back to the car-park – and spotted a lawned area with benches. We had a bit of time to kill, so we sat down and soaked up some rays.

Is this Kettering?

Our final destination was Kettering Odeon for the latest and much hyped Jason Bourne film.

I went with high expectations, but in truth, the first half for me was a bit boring and then it was back to same old, same old Bourne formula – incredibly wobbly camera work, lightning-fast edits combined with extreme mayhem and a death wish for vehicles! An OK film, but not brilliant! Oh, and they’ve set it all up for a sequel!!
three star

After the two-hour running time, we were exhausted keeping up with it all.

And then it was back to David and Valerie’s for something much more relaxing – a cuppa and bowl of strawberries and ice-cream! A perfect end to another busy day of retirement! I love it!

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