Outdoor Cinema

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This was a first for us! Outdoor Cinema – in the UK!!

Boughton House

We drove over to Boughton House, just a few miles away for a LunaFlix’s event where they were showing the iconic 1990 flick Pretty Woman.

I’d booked the tickets almost nine months ago, having seen Lunaflix’s advert on Facebook – and planned it as a surprise for Ann. Unfortunately, having given Ann the date to put in her diary, she stumbled over the event being advertised in the local paper and joined the dots. Never mind – it might not have been the great surprise that I’d hoped, but it turned out to be a great night. The weather was perfect, it was well supported (over 200 people there) and you don’t get better seats than ours – they came with a picnic!

We arrived around 7.30 and the place was already filling up. Parking was easy (The Duke has a big lawn!), and it was just a two-minute walk to viewing area. Our host for the evening, Simon, kept us entertained with his ‘guess-the-theme’ playlist (it was ‘money’) punching-out over four quality speakers. It was well supported too – there were over 250 people there (although we both immediately noticed that 90% of the audience were women).

As darkness fell, Simon gave us regular countdowns to the start, giving everyone a chance to make that final visit to the loo, check that the essentials were in place (blanket, cushions, and ‘layers’ – just in case!). And at just after 9.25, the film started. First impression were good and we were both immediately impressed with the picture and sound quality. My guess is that he had a blu-ray version of the film on DVD and a quality projector.

Two hours later and it was all over and what a great event it was – I’m sure we’ll do these again in the future as it’s been a great way to spend a summer evening.

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