First Visit: The Bell Inn, Finedon

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It was our monthly eat-out with neighbours David and Valerie tonight. I say ‘monthly’, but that’s been interrupted of late by you-know-what.
…anyway, it was good to get back into the routine! 😋

Based on Valerie’s recommendation, which in turn was based on the August 2020 article in the Daily Telegraph by William Sitwell accompanied by the well-known vicar (and ‘Strictly’ contestant), Richard Cole, we headed for The Bell Inn in nearby Finedon – and their highly rated ‘Bell’s Kitchen’ now in their sixth year.

And to make the whole affair even more enticing, Wednesday night is STEAK NIGHT! – and there’s a generous 20% if pre-ordered online HERE.

The Fireplace with baby-chairs ready if the coal ran out!

We arrived on the dot of 6pm and our table had already been prepared for us. Their smallish restaurant was cosy without the need for the rather attractive open fireplace, and we were soon making the hardest decision of the evening – a Starter and Mains?; Mains and a Dessert?, or all three? Such decisions weren’t taken lightly, 😊 but in the end, we all agreed to skip Starters (as tasty as they looked) and dive straight into our pre-booked steaks. They came with a choice of sauces and again, decisions, decisions! Diane for Ann and Valerie, Mushroom & Onion for David and Blue Cheese for me!

Service came with a big smile (noticeable, even behind the mask) and with efficiency, and we were soon tucking in to a perfectly cooked fillet steak with homemade chips, garden peas and a tasty half-tomato! 😋. Our taste-buds were easily rewarded and we all agreed that these had been the most mouth-watering steaks we’d eaten in a long, long time. It was also a nice touch that the Chef came out to see how we’d all enjoyed his food – I haven’t seen that in a while! 🤔

Only one word for it! – Yummy!

Too stuffed for one of their Desserts? Certainly not! Lemon Meringue Pie for Valerie, Pear & Rhubarb Crumble for David, Apple and Caramel Pie for yours truly whilst Ann stayed faithful to her Slimmer’s World ordeal challenge! 👎

Without a doubt, one of our best eating-out experiences in a long while. The Steaks were the tastiest since I-don’t-know-when, and our decision to skip Starters was wise as we wouldn’t have had room for all three of their courses…

…not even ME! 🥴

If you like your Pubs old (this one dates back to 1049 and Edward the Confessor) and your Steaks, mouth-watering, then The Bell Inn would be a great choice. We’re definitely coming back!


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