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Kilworth Theatre - South Pacific

Another superb performance from the Kilworth House Theatre tonight as they sang their hearts out performing South Pacific.

It wasn’t quite a packed house (only about 99% full), but everyone clearly enjoyed themselves (including us – Ann, Jo, Janet, Carol, Chris and Pete) on one of those rare very warm evenings (that inevitably turned to ‘chilly’, as it got later). Veterans of these events were easy to spot: armed with blankets, cushions, and HOT drinks!

As we’ve come to expect with all these performances, not only is the acting superb, so is the singing – and coupled with the imaginative set-design, Kilworth Theatre really is THE West-End-Theatre-Just-Down-The-Road. With a couple of tunes that were sung at our Wedding too, it made for the perfect evening. I think we’ll be humming the tunes for weeks now including my fave – Bali Ha’i

I even ran into Roger H,  my colleague from the Old Croydonians there – we’d only been emailing each other a few hours before trying to decide when we could next speak, and hadn’t realised we were both destined for the same event!

Given the sheer number of theatre-goers, exiting the event by car just after 10.30, was pretty straightforward – and we were soon back on the A14, and then home. We’re here again for their performance of Sister Act in August. I can’t wait!!!

Thanks Kilworth – another great evening!

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