London Calling

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Fish Restaurant at Borough Market

I met up with Keith (an ex-committee member from the OCA) for our annual get-together today. We met at London Bridge station (which seems to have changed out of all recognition, since I was last there).

With the Olympics going on, the station was heaving, but luckily there was plenty of Olympic Volunteers on hand to point confused visitors in the right direction. I saw some cracking good examples of proactive customer service by them – visitors to the UK (as well as natives) will have been impressed.  Good job I asked for direction to Keith’s platform, because the enforced pedestrian one-way system put me in completely the wrong place!

Whilst waiting, I noticed that in addition to the Olympic Volunteers, there was also a number of people wearing blue Olympic tops – I learned later that these were a new initiative from the Church and called Olympic Pastors. There were quite a few of them, and on reading more, their role is to offer guidance of a spiritual nature to travellers. Apparently, it’s been so successful that it’ll become a standard at future Games.

Having been guided (non-spiritually!) to the right platform, Keith arrived a few minutes later. On exiting the station, he was as confused as I was, in terms of getting our bearings. Eventually, we worked it all out and as a consequence got the chance to view The Shard close-up. What a building!

We crossed the road and wandered through Borough Market heading for Fish! that specialised in err, fish! It was strangely quiet when we arrived, but it soon filled up. Service was lightning fast and attentive and we were soon tucking into traditional fish and chips. We caught up with each other’s news and then Keith went off in search of a mobile phone shop to trade-in his mobile.

I headed back to the Tube and St Pancras. Luckily, I was a tad ahead of schedule and was able to get an earlier train home. Not bad – lunching in London at 1.30 and home by 4.15 – beats trying to do it by car!

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