RIP: Peter Juniper

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Today, I (and a lot of others) said their final goodbyes to Peter. The service was held at Bluebell Cemetery in Halstead at 11.15 on a gloriously warm day.

I met the current Chairman of the OCA, Cortland Fransella, in the car park and we grabbed a cuppa and sat outside reflecting on the man that had touched both of our lives! We then headed inside to the Waiting Room after introducing ourselves and saying hello to Katy and Stephen. On the dot of 11.15, the Service began. I felt it was a really touching tribute, where Revd. Steve Spencer made it feel really special and very personal.

Always smiling!

Afterwards, there was an opportunity to catch up with some other familiar faces from my time in Chair! I had a long chat with Karen (who used to help out on the Bar) and Pauline (who helped with the sandwiches) for our AGMs and Reunions. It really was lovely to see them both again.

Peter and Doreen

We then drove the short distance to the Wake that was held at the Metropolitan Police Sports Ground – The Warren – in nearby Hayes.

What an emotional day! But it had been good to catch up with old friends and colleagues. Pity about the journey home though! Instead of the predicted 1 hour 20 minutes, it was almost 3½ hours!! 😲

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