RIP: Pete Murdin

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Today, we attended Pete’s Funeral – a long-time friend for us both.

Pete hadn’t been well for a while now, in and out of hospital on multiple occasions and because of that, we hadn’t been to see either Pete (or Chris) for a while – we think, pre-Covid was our most recent get-together. The Service, held at Nene Park Crematorium, was a well-attended affair – probably the most people, I’ve seen at a funeral for a good many years! There must have been between 100–120 people there, and we just about fitted inside! He was clearly a popular man and I learned an awful lot more about him just from the two Eulogies (read by two family friends, Brian Elgood followed by, Neil Norman).

Afterwards, we took the short drive to Higham Ferrers Working Mens’ Club for the Wake. Chris had laid on a great spread, and we bagged a table, catching up with Ann’s work colleague. Neelia along the way.

Wow! That’s two funerals in as many weeks, and it’s started to remind us (well, me, at least) of our own mortality! 🫤

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