Lee’s Home – The Final Visit

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Well, it’s taken us exactly two weeks on and off (mostly ‘on’) including 12 full car loads to the Dump with 20+ black sacks of ‘stuff’, and other assorted contents, but today at 5.27pm, we finished clearing Lee’s home.

Sadly, it really is the end of an era, and all that needs removing now is all the large bits and bobs – and we’ve got the Salvation Army for most of that*.

The fridge-freezer is the only exception, and that’s going to be removed by Kettering Council…

So, Ann will be over there for one final time next week, but for me, it’s the last time** I’ll ever set foot in 30 Yeoman’s Court, Meeting Lane, Kettering.

*Update 1: Wednesday, 11th July. The Salvation Army were quite picky about the bed that needed removing. As a result, they WOULDN’T take it. Luckily I found a company based in Northampton, who weren’t quite as fussy and the offending article is going to be picked up on Friday, 13th July.

**Update 2: Thursday, 12th July. Actually, as things turned out, it WASN’T the last time for me. We got a text today from Kettering Council reminding us they’d like all the carpets removed too! That required another trip to the Dump!

…Yes, a true end an era!
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