Reading time: < 1 We don’t eat out spontaneously (unless it’s in the diary!), but tonight was an exception. I picked Ann up from Peterborough Station and we headed for The Fox Inn at Thorpe Waterville. We must have driven past it hundreds of times – and it always looked busy – but (Ann) had only managed to eat there just once before. As we parked the car – taking the last space in the car-park – we knew we’d probably have to queue once we got inside. Inside, the situation looked bleak as the Bar and Restaurant area was already heaving. Things smelt a bit fishy, as we discovered it was a themed fish-night, and so we weren’t too optimistic of the spontaneity paying off. Luckily they found us a plaice – sorry, place – just down from the bar and were soon looking through the extensive, but not expensive, menu. The food was piping hot and we didn’t have to wait long, in spite of them being really busy – the service was excellent too! One of better spontaneous eating decisions!! Smile

Any comments?