Bye-bye OCA

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Well, all good things come to an end, and today, I said my final ‘goodbye’ to The OCA after 13 years as their WebMaster. Having stepped-aside as Chair and Magazine Editor this time last year, this was the final (final!) ‘cheerio’ having allowed a year to find a replacement. Going forward, I’ll simply be a ‘Member’.

Over the years, I’ve enjoyed developing the site and bringing (occasionally ‘dragging’) the Association into the 20th (and then, 21st) century! The biggest benefit was that the Website certainly helped with the recruiting of new Members. Many ‘found us’ via the various search engines, and after a look-round, decided to sign-up.

In spite of its successes, at 61 years of age, I shouldn’t really be designing websites, should I? – it’s a young persons’ game, and I’m mindful that the site was starting to possibly look a bit ‘dated’. Hopefully, my replacement will bring a fresh pair of eyes to proceedings!

I think I fulfilled the Association’s motto though: ‘Ludum Ludite’ (‘Play the Game’)

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