Cruise Day 8 (13th April): At Sea

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Another day at sea today…

All at Sea

Things to do/see…

  • Go to Part 3 (the final part) of Margaret Gilmore’s very interesting trilogy of presentations about tackling modern terrorism
  • Queue on-board to have our Indian Visas stamped. From the ‘off’ it was total chaos with queues as far as the eye could see – all descending on the makeshift area in the Britannia Restaurant. We abandoned our allocated slot and came back in the afternoon, where we only queued for 30 minutes – as a result, it hasn’t presented Cunard in their best light, but in an effort to ‘calm the natives’, the Hotel manager took to the tannoy and used irony to make us feel better! He reminded us that it was us Brits that it was the Brits who taught the Indians about administration! Oh, how we laughed!
    Sad smile
  • Maybe go and see Star Wars – The Last Jedi in 3D at the Ship’s Cinema
  • Paint!
  • Listen to the Android Central Podcast (No. 373): What’s coming in Android P
  • Finish the day at the Ship’s Theatre and see The Opera Boys. Apparently, these two tenors are worth more than four fivers (not sure that works in print!) Arf-arf!
    Open-mouthed smile

Looking ahead to tomorrow, We’re docking in India for one day, where we’ve then got a six-hour Tour: The Best of Kochin

First, the good news: It’s a late start for our Tour – a relatively ‘lazy’ 9.30. Now the bad news: we’ve been reminded that none of the Coaches nor Boats have air-conditioning and are generally prone to breaking-down. Even the best Coaches have very poor (if any) suspension!
Surprised smile
I don’t think I’ll bother to ask for the wi-fi password!

See you on the other side!

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