Northants Nutters at Sea (2024) – 8th July (Day 10)

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Here we are, as part of the Northants Nutters group! It’s Day 10, our final day, and our third and final Sea Day as we head for Southampton. Not much to read today, as it’s more of a summary of this year’s adventure with the Northants Nutters.

P&O’s Ventura: 3,078 Passenger Capacity, 1,205 Crew and 8 Nutters!

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8.25am: A later start for us today, and a quick look out of our window revealed that it’s a very grey day! Cold and misty too! Yuk! We skipped breakfast and began packing! 🙁

The Final Quiz

12.15pm: This was our final contribution to the various Quizzes around Ventura that we’ve been part of. It looked like a good turnout, but contributions soon evaporated once we got going and the audience realised there was going to be a need to DRAW!

With no sign of our original team captain, Jasmine nor her replacement during the previous round (her Mum). So, our latest appointment – Eamon – took charge of our half of the room.

Sharon was in charge of the opposing team and nominated Sally as their illustrator.

Round 3 – today’s final round – took the form of Pictionary based around famous films. With each team nominating someone to illustrate those films on the card. It was a tough one! 😮. Our very own Nicki was a natural and did us proud, but the opposition’s nomination – Sally – was also pretty good, both armed with just a pen and a dry-wipe board… and their imagination!! 👍

Our half were in the lead from the start and continued to hold off the opposition, in spite of their determination to win! In the end, the best team won… even though our Quiz-Master initially, was unable to add up, and announced Sharon’s side as the victors! 🙁. At this late stage, it was clearly not the ‘taking part’ – we really wanted to win!! After some noisy protestation from our side, numbers were checked and justice prevailed as we walked away the winners overall. To the victors, the spoils! – a(nother) bottle of wine from the Ventura’s cellars!

The Final Meal

6.32pm: Our final meal again, didn’t disappoint, although speaking personally, the pressure of a three-courser each night for 10 days, is beginning to take its toll – I’ll be pleased to get back to basics!

The Final Show

8.30pm: ‘Centre Stage’ was the final performance tonight of ‘Headliners’ (the on-ship entertainment team). Tonight’s show promised ‘music from the big Musicals’ – and it certainly lived up to the hype. With lighting, special effects, choreography and vocals all top notch, it was a bit of a surprise when about five-minutes from the end, everything stopped – music, dancing and the curtain came down! Literally!!! A pre-recorded message was played encouraging us to ‘stay put’ (which the majority of the audience obeyed). This was followed by the Entertainments Manager appearing on-stage looking a bit flustered and announcing that they weren’t able to complete the performance due to an incident with a passenger (not the performers!). It was all very strange, and we never did get to find out specifically what happened.

The Final Drink

9.35pm: We decided to end this trip with a visit to the rather chilled-out Metropolis Bar on Deck 18. This had become our ‘go-to’ venue when seeking a quieter location in which to reflect on the day – or tonight, where we looked back on the whole Cruise. We all agreed that it had been a great trip and we began to think about how we might top this one NEXT time.

For us two, who’ve experienced Ventura before and more widely, P&O Cruises, this Cruise has left a big smile on our faces. The food has been better than expected; the Ports also impressed (especially La Coruna). The staff were as polite and professional as ever, and the entertainment, punched well above its weight (well, apart from the comedian!). All-in-all, a great time, where being able to spend it with a group of friends too, added an extra something. 👍😍

10.35pm: Time to retire for the night. Some of us are using the ‘Express Checkout’ tomorrow morning, allowing us to get off between 7 and 8am (providing you can carry your own luggage) whilst others are taking the slightly later option.

Thanks again for all the reads of this daily blog – 402 views and counting! 👍👍

Our Photo Reel is

Farewell Northants Nutters – until the next time!👍👍😍😍

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