Six Days in Cyprus (2022) – Day 6 – “Bye-Bye Annabelle”

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Day 6 – Monday, 7th November

Yes, it’s our final day here! We’re checking-out in a few hours, and if the journey goes smoothly, we’ll be home around 8pm tonight. Time for one last Breakfast here at the Annabelle! 😉

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📸 Camera Roll 📸

Ooo err! 😕

It’s all a bit ‘grey’ this morning!

It’s been a very enjoyable week with the weather being nothing short of glorious. Today though, might be a good day to travel back as we woke up to a very grey sky and the distant sound of thunder!

It’s been a great break! The Hotel has been nothing short of excellent! and we love it when staff are well-trained and professional (must be something to do with our previous jobs! 😉). The Annabelle has a really competent team here, from the ‘suits’ to the humble cleaner – and everyone in between! Nothing was ever too much trouble, and given the hours Hotel & Catering teams usually work, they all appear to be very happy and enjoying their work. We can’t recommend the Annabelle highly enough.

Whilst we wait for the Taxi to whisk us off to the Airport, we’re in a reflective mood, so, if you’ve not been to Cyprus, here are a few things we learned…

👍 They drive on the left
👍 The currency is the Euro
👍 Tipping is optional
👍 There are a lot of cats
👍 The native language is a slight variation of Greek, but pretty much everyone speaks English
👍 A red number plate means it’s a Rental
👍 There’s a live pelican in Pathos
👍 The local wines are very good
👍 The Mosaics Exhibition, near the Harbour, is well worth a visit
👍 A shop in Pathos Harbour sells Sainsbury products
👍 Cyprus is one of the most southerly ski resorts
👍 Cyprus is a divided nation

The Pelican of Pathos

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