Holiday in Dubai – Day 2: “The Return of the Retailers”

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The Mall of Emirates We both slept badly, waking up at 2am. Not sure why! 2am is 10pm UK time and were certainly tired when we went to bed last night. The chance of getting to sleep was further reduced because of the thunderstorm (but no lightning – is that unusual?)

The Mall of Emirates We finally got off, waking at 6am and then 8.30. Initially we decided to stay-in and sleep, but we changed our mind and decided to catch the shuttle-bus at 10am to the massive shopping-mall nearby – ‘The Mall of Emirates’ (the one that has a ski-slope. Obviously!)

McCamel anyone...? We had a quick breakfast around 9am and caught the 10am Shuttle as planned. Around 20 minutes later we were in the biggest Mall we’ve ever been to. It was mostly ‘high-end’ labels, but there was also a fast-food area featuring Pizza-Hut, TGI Friday’s and the obligatory McDonalds.

Ski slope with real snow in Dubai! We had a quick wander round to get our bearings and then stopped for coffee around 11.30. Suitably refreshed we continued our wander-round. We discovered the Mall had a multi-screen cinema and yes, it’s own ski-slope -‘Ski-Dubai’ with real snow – unbelievable!!!
Our hotel... We carried on walking around and at 12.30 took a break and waited for the shuttle-bus back to the hotel -it was the first opportunity we’d had to view it from the outside. On arriving back at base, we booked a table in the restaurant for 7pm (It’s an Arabian theme tonight with belly-dancer) and settled outside for some more sunbathing at around 2pm.

5.00pm. Off to the gym! (that’s two-days in a row for me – unbelievable!!). I did 15 minutes on the treadmill-thing, Ann did almost an hour’s worth.

6.00pm. A quick bath and a change of clothes and we were ready to ‘go-Arabian’!

7.00pm. We went to the restaurant for the Arabian Evening. It was busy but not5 as busy as last night. They seated us in exactly the same seats as last night, which just seemed a bit too close to the ‘belly-dance-area. This proved to be true when they started to move the adjacent tables out-of-the-way.

Time for a sharp exit – just in case audience participation was expected! 🙂

We went for a short walk to the Bar next-door, but being an old-fogey, I found it too noisy!!!

So, we returned to the Hotel, and watched the TV instead.

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