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We woke early (6am!) to the sound of the Ship approaching the docks. By 7am, we were moored and ready for a day in Bergen. The weather looked promising as well, so we popped up on deck to see the view as we sailed in – it was breath-taking!
20130610_074521Unchartered Territory – Sailing into Bergen
Before going ashore, we headed for the Gym where Ann spent about 45 minutes and I stayed for 30. That’s two days on the trot, so we must be getting serious about this!

20130610_082539 More Unchartered Territory – The Gym!
Then it was a quick breakfast before catching the shuttle-bus for the short journey into the town. The weather by now was improving, but we weren’t sure what the town would be like in spite of the good weather.

We needn’t have worried as It was a GLORIOUS day – warm, t-shirt weather with a deep blue sky to match. unsurprisingly, the town was pretty busy with plenty of people taking advantage of the good weather.

P1020624Beautiful Bergen!

We even managed time to do some shopping – luckily ‘3 for 2’ is pretty much a universal language so we were able to sniff out a few bargains in a local Department Store. Then, it was back on the shuttle bus back to the ship for a quick lunch.

By 2pm, with lunch over, the sun was really shining and it seemed like the whole ship had the same idea as us – sunbathe!

Then it was back to the cabin for a quick snooze before the next round of food-and-drink. Tonight we decided to eat in the main Restaurant – it was a lock slicker than on our first night and the food was even tastier. I also got my first sip of Bailey’s Orange Liqueur.
Arena Theatre

To finish off our evening, we went to the Arena Theatre tonight to see the resident comedian – Lloyd Davies – a loveable and talented guy who also sang and played the piano. It must be difficult to get the comedy content just right for a cruise audience, but he was spot on! The fact that he could have been cryogenically frozen in the 60s complete with his material and thawed out for tonight would have still meant he was a success – it wasn’t my type of humour but Ann enjoyed it and the geriatrics behind us sounded like they’d wet their incontinence underwear  based on their constant and hysterical laughter throughout!

It was then back to the Cabin to relieve the fridge of the wine we’d stored in there yesterday!

Andalsnes tomorrow,  but we may give it a miss as it’s only a small place.

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