Holiday – Nordic Cruise (Sunday): All at Sea

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It’s a ‘sea day’ today that began early! This was mainly due to us mis-reading the breakfast times, thinking that breakfast closed at 9am – we wondered why it was so quiet when we go there at 8.45! (In fact, it stopped serving at noon!!!)
P1020592The Sea

After breakfast, it was off to the Gym (honest!) for a lengthy workout (Ann!) and a slightly shorter version (me).

That was the easy bit, as the rest of the morning was spent attempting to navigate our way round the Ship. It soon became clear that Channel 4 could have easily shown an episode of ‘Lost’ based on the Ventura – this is a massive vessel, and confusion reigned as we tried to get from the curved end to the pointy bit (and back again!) – we think the Ship may have been based on Hampton Court Maze!!! We concluded that we won’t need to use the walking track in the gym for the rest of the Cruise, just trying to get from the bottom to the top of the Ship using the stairs (not only is the Ship LONG, it’s also very TALL), was an exhausting task – for us two anyway!!!!

The Havana Lounge - Ironically, 'no smoking'The Havana Lounge

Thirty-seven miles later, we found a relatively quiet spot – The Havana Lounge – to begin the process of catching up with our reading and podcasts in this oasis of calm and tranquillity. This was short-lived as we discovered the area was also being used to teach line-dancing to newbies. Two songs later, it was clear that 98% of those taking part had no sense of co-ordination whatsoever (and it would have been 99% if I’d been taking part!). Rumours abound that this was a secret selection process was Ship’s Navigator, and those left facing in the right direction at the end of the song would go through to second interview!

At 3pm, we dropped into a presentation by the Ship’s Acupuncturist. A very knowledgeable person whose delivery style, unfortunately, scored 11 (out of 5!) on the patronise-ometer. Instead, here are a few more shots around the central part of the Ship.
P1020595The Atrium

It’s a formal evening tonight, so it’s black tie and shiny shoes – with a DJ in between! We’ve booked East for our evening meal – the Eastern Fusion Restaurant, and one of quite a few to choose from. Our table is booked for 7.30, so we’re setting-off around 3ish to ensure we get there on time!

Well, East was a brilliant experience. From the initial welcome, to the customer interaction, and of course, the food, which was beyond delicious! We were so impressed we booked a table for Wednesday evening!


Open-mouthed smile 

We’re ashore tomorrow in Bergen.

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