A Few Gambles

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Jane and Oliver stayed over for a few days – a rare treat! They arrive mid-morning on Thursday and after a belly-busting lunch where Jane brought homemade apple crumble and some homegrown marrows (large enough to be mistaken for Zeppelins!) we all headed off to Wicksteed Park.

Zeppelin Alert!

Not surprisingly, with the school holidays, the place was packed, although we were lucky, and found a parking space quite quickly. There were a few new attractions for 2016  – most unusual of which was the meerkat burrows, where you could go underneath their lair and pop your head up in a clear plastic observation dome. Clever and weird in equal measure!

Meerkat Burrows at Wicksteed Park
Meerkat Alert!

Then it was off to explore more familiar Wicksteed entertainment! Just as it started to rain!!!

Alert Oliver!

Sadly, Oliver’s not quite tall enough just yet to pilot his own race-car, but he certainly got his money’s worth (or Jane’s!) on the slide as they helpfully relaxed the ‘three trips’ rule – and he must have had about a dozen slides!

As the rain became more persistent, it was back to ours, where we caught up with a bit of TV before I picked up Lee to join us for the evening meal. Ann did us proud with chicken and vegetables followed by Jane’s homemade apple crumble.

I took Lee home and then we spent the rest of the evening watching TV before all crashing-out just after 10.

After some heavy rain overnight (that cleared the muggy atmosphere), today looked clean and crisp. After a leisurely breakfast, we said our goodbyes as Jane and Oliver headed off to Rutland Water for pre-booked adventure day.

Rutland Water

It’s been great having the family here, and the food and weather made it a perfect occasion!

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