Ouch! Car Crash

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11.40am Ouch! – I was travelling back from Cambridge today. One minute I was joining the carriageway..and the next I’d ploughed into the car in front.

Fortunately for them, I hit their tow bar which seemed to absorb all the damage to their car. A slight dink in their bumper and some black paint on the tow-bar from the Mondeo.

A different story for the Mondeo. Both headlights smashed, mangled front bumper, two dents in the bonnet (how?)…plus the smell of anti-freeze – the radiator obviously took a hit too.

The RAC arrrived in record time – 10 minutes – and relayed me to the Ford garage in Irthlingborough. Zurich Insurance were excellent and in the time it took to relay me had recorded the details of the accident, arranged for a loan car and an assessor to visit the garage.

Great stuff!

Strange thing is, I have no idea how the accident occurred…

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