Alloy refurbed/Estimate for Ann’s car/Pond Clearing

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Alloy Refurbed
Took the Mondeo in to have the alloy refurbed that Ann accidentally kerbed last week

Estimate for Ann’s Car
Paul dropped the estimate round – youch! Looks like the cost of repair will exceed the value of the car. So, we’re in the lap of the Gods now as to which way the Insurance Company goes. We’d really like to hang onto Ann’s car…but maybe it’s time to change! Bugger, I feel really guilty about this incident! πŸ™

Pond Clearing
This has to be the worst garden task ever. We avoided doing it last year and maybe the year before too! The result? – a very green and smelly pond that has to be drained, cleaned and refilled. Fortunately, it was a nice day and having started the drainage at around 7am this morning, the early start gave us a head-start. By 3pm, it had been cleaned out and was one-quarter full. It looks better already, and we bought some pond-plants locally to finish the job. The fish, newts and frogs look happier too! πŸ™‚

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